88-year-old Kapil Mohan, the administrator of Mohan Meakin that gave us the famous Old rum has passed away.



the man behind the iconic ‘Old Monk’ rum



He endured a heart failure at his home in Ghaziabad, UP.

Launched in 1954, Old rum was for a very long time the top of the line dull rum on the world. It was additionally the greatest Indian Influenced Outside Alcohol to mark.

MONK (A tribute to the legend, OLD MONK) – A Short Film


“From breakups, annoying relatives to irritating acquaintances, OLD MONK has saved everyone so many times”.

Since we understand how special OLD MONK is, it is time we pay some tribute to this great Samaritan.

We a bunch of enthusiastic film makers and monk drinkers, have made a film on the theme of Friendship and Old Monk. The film acknowledges the spirit of Old Monk and how it has weaved many long lasting friendships.

The film stars ace actors Sanjay Mishra and Jeetu Shastri.

Introducing Switch Off Films’ debut short film: MONK ( A tribute to the legend, OLD MONK)