Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has joined twitter and is now regularly expressing her own thoughts. The actress was on the front after Rhea Chakraborty’s WhatsApp chats went viral, talking about the drug ‘s connection in Bollywood. The actress said she’s ready to open up about the industry’s drugs racket if the Center Government offers her immunity. On the other hand, while it’s been only a few days since Kangana joined Twitter, her count of followers has been declining every day to around 40,000-50,000. A Twitter user brought this to her attention because the actress had claimed she didn’t know how it worked.

The Twitter user claimed that Kangana’s followers went down from 992k to 988k in one hour. To this, she tweeted, “I agree I notice pattern every day 40-50 thousand followers drop, I am very new to this place but how does this work? Why are they doing this any idea? @TwitterIndia @jack @TwitterSupport.”

Another follower said that the actress might have been shadow banned by Twitter for promoting ‘nationalistic sentiments.’ To this, she agreed and said, “Hmm I see Nationalists have to struggle every where, racket is so strong, I noticed because last night we were to very close to a million, anyway, sincere apologies to all those who are getting unfollows automatically, so unfair but arn’t we used to this now?”

For those who don’t know, Shadow Ban is a form of Twitter censorship in which the platform hides or blocks your content from your followers and other Twitter users.

On the professional front, Kangana Ranaut has some of the most anticipated movies in her bag. She is going to be portraying the role of late politician Jayalalithaa in the biopic Thalaivi. Along with Thalaivi, she also has another film called Tejas where she plays the role of an Indian Air Force (IAF) pilot. She also has film Dhadak in the pipeline in which she will be seen as a spy.