A few years ago Kalki Koechlin sat down in front of a crowd and wowed them with her poetic performance. It was so inspirational that I could not let it die. This is why this video exists. Please share these amazing words.

Dear Men….

How does it feel like to be a woman in India? How does it feel like to be made the epicenter of all respect, love and worship as a sister, mother, wife or daughter? And how does it feel like to be stripped of the very feelings of idolizing the moment you step out of your house, just because you are not ‘his’ mother, daughter, wife or sister?

A few years ago, Kalki Koechlin had delivered a powerful narrative in front of a crowd and her strong words spoke for every woman in India. Bollywood Gandu‘s video is an attempt to not let those powerful words die. To spread these words over and over again, till they become more than just a resonation of the numerous attempts to uplift women.

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