Probably one of the most stirring invective against a culture that maybe going morally numb, one newspaper edition at a time. Kalki Koechlin performs a self written poem titled ‘The Printing Machine’: a rhythmic and scathing satire against daily broadsheets, magazines, social media and textbooks.

This powerful piece with its rising crescendo reveals the hollow and robotic production and consumption of news by a generation blinded by its vulgar hunger for juicy headlines. With women’s empowerment at the core, she alludes to events that shook the nation, and also to those that were equally gruesome but got replaced by beauty advertisements and our apathy.
A machine which recounts to us a story consistently. A tale about how wrongdoing against ladies has expanded. About how a lady was strip sought when she was bleeding. About how a universal traveler was posse assaulted savagely. About how a 3-year-old was attacked by a government official. About how corrosive assaults have expanded against ladies. Every one of these news pieces, covered in revolting crave succulent features slap us steadily morning, as we experience them tasting our tea.
This intense individuals composed and coordinated by Kalki Koechlin, and transferred by Blush sends an effective message against every day broadsheets, magazines, online networking and course books and how empty and automated this utilization of news by this era has gotten to be.