The concepts of feminism, women empowerment, gender sensitisation etc. are somethings that are taught in even the school books. However, if you peep outside the books, you will realise how actually these concepts are put into practice, in other words, NOT practised. A bit harsh right? That is the bitter reality these days. With every one out there talking about how women deserve all the privileges that are given to men, no one, absolutely no one is telling what all privileges are already available for women, until now.

Vitamin Stree, in their new video on YouTube,  does what nobody else does. They tell us the real reality of the rights for women, describe all the important ones and compare the rights written on paper with the ones that are actually into practice.

India has achieved a lot in the 70 years since she got her independence way back in 1947. But where do we stand with it comes to the rights of women? How do we compare with the rest of the world? Have we progressed or regressed? Vitamin Stree dug deep and spoke to a host of experts and wide range of women to figure this out.

If you still want to know more, you can check out the articles we have used as our sources from here, and if you are seeking help, Majlis , CREA & She Says are some of the organisations you can speak to.