Now and again, in the race to be seen, to be well known and to feel cherished and acknowledged by others, we disregard the basic yet satisfying delight of isolation.

This is the place artist Aeppol discovers her motivation. In a progression of lovely and offbeat representations that pass on quiet and peacefulness, her work commends the honesty of youth, the excellence of nature and the bliss that can be discovered essentially by being distant from everyone else. Aeppol’s backwoods young lady speaks to the fantasy of a large number of us, who look for the contemplative delights making tracks in an opposite direction from everything and reconnecting with nature. She plans to catch those circumstances that so effortlessly pass us by in our riotous and occupied lives, valuable minutes that sparkle all the brighter for their quickness.

So snatch some tea, back off and check these guiltless outlines in all their healthy and basic excellence.