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Jealous: 20 Photographs Of The Most Detested Man On Instagram!

Instagram is a great place to show off your pictures to your friends and followers. You get to see the world through the eyes of other people and explore like never before. On the flip side you come across people like Travers Beynon whose lifestyle will make you want to shoot yourself!

1) This front page news tells it all.

2) Candyman is apparently Superman.

3) His Entourage.

4) The Candyshop Mansion

5) His fleet of cars include Lamborghini, Ferrari & Rolls Royce.

6) If you look hard, you’ll notice a gold Lamborghini.

7) Raw Sushi off a raw table.

8) And that’s how he sleeps or stays awake. Either way!

9) He’s an admirer of Chess.

10) Owns his own jet.

11) Which looks like this from the inside.

12) The most practical way to drink Vodka.

13) He is built like Macho Man Randy Savage!

14) Didn’t you notice the resemblance with Macho Man?

15) Filling those jugs with beer for Oktoberfest celebrations.

16) He has his own pole dance room.

17) Comforting the Candyman.

18) Taking cleaning to the next level.

19) No bed is too small.

20) Behold the King.

ravers who calls himself The Candyman, is an Australian millionaire. According to his website he’s described as a combination of Hugh Hefner, The Wolf Of Wall Street, Tony Start & Jay Gatsby rolled up in a Versace Suit. Here are photos of the most hated man on Instagram which will make you feel very very jealous! You’ll see why he’s hated.




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