Have you ever gone through a day with an agriculturist? Examine this video highlighting on-screen character

Nawazuddin Siddiqui demonstrating the narrative of the ranchers of our nation who have affectionately worked this area and developed yields for a considerable length of time with the goal that individuals like you and me can get sustenance. Whether, it is awful climate or weakness, they never stop to work for us.

Mahindra Rise has concoct an activity called, #SeedTheRise whereby we can all meet up and enhance their lives.

Betrayed by the weather and our indifference, our farmers are struggling and fighting against the odds every day. #SeedTheRise is an initiative whereby we can all come together and help improve their lives.

How? By donating money to some impactful projects that work for their welfare.

Naandi Foundation: To help farmers with sustainable cultivation and secure their livelihood.

Swades Foundation: To focus on comprehensive development of every aspect of the farmer’s life.

Digital Green: To use technology and information to give farmers an edge.

Nanhi Kali: To help keep a farmer’s daughter in school and study further.

Starting 26th October 2015, #SeedTheRise is looking to raise Rs. 4 crores over a month long campaign. And to that end, Mahindra will match every amount donated so that farmers get double the benefit.

To donate and find out more about the campaign, head to Seedtherise.com

Join us in helping the farmers of our country do what they do best, with their heads held high.