The world cinema is too large and rich. Some Italian new movies are classics and are loved by movie buffs. Here are some of the erotic films that you must watch for drama and pleasure both. And yea.. It is a goldmine for language lessons!


The film is directed by Federiko Fellini . A restless reporter Marcello Rubini (Marcello Mastroianni) drifts through life in Rome. He goes on an experience where he depicts the feelings of fear; bad dreams, frailties, and dreams with add up to wildness around him in advanced Rome.


This is a drama directed by Luca Gaudagnino. A women in her mid-age struggles through the crisis. She has everything a lavish lifestyle, 3 kids and a rich business family but still she isn’t happy. The peace is just missing. Then finally she meets a chef.


It is beautifully directed by Paolo Sorrentino. It is a visual delight for the viewers. It is a film on a journalist who has a larger life since his 1st novel became a hit but his past haunts him every moment.


Nine is directed by Rob Marshall. It stars three amazing heroines: Marion Cotillard, Nicole Kidman and Penelope Cruz who plays mother, muse and a mistress to a director named Daniel Day-Lewis who is in the search of the meaning of life. Life has always been a question for him.


It is a story of a sexy and sensual woman who lives on the outskirts of Italy and she becomes an object for a young boy during the war. The film is directed by Geuseppe Tornatore.


It is a ‘R’ rated movie as there is sensuality and use of foul language in some of the parts. The film is directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini. The film isn’t a classic or anything. But still you can watch it as an erotica.


You gotta watch it for Monica Bellucci. The film is directed by Giovanni Vernonesi. The film is all about her sexiness and beauty.


It is a cute simple story about how we can save our relationships o end on a bad note and resolve all the issues. The film is directed by Tinto Brass.


The star-cast of the film is Liv Tyler and Jeremy Irons. It is a romantic drama which is directed by Benardo Bertulucci. The movie is shot in beautiful landscapes.


It is a story of a married couple directed by Tinto Brass. The husband and wife keep their diaries in a drawer and they read each other’s write-ups. The film has a happy ending.