Your home will become functional and flexible if it has smart devices for the home. They will bring it to a higher level of comfort, safety, and energy-saving. The term “smart home” means a comprehensive solution for automating the actions performed daily. This includes both control systems and wirelessly controlled home appliances. In this article, we’ll share some interesting home tech solutions to make your life a little easier.  In any case, with their help, you will be able to spend less time cleaning the house and more time devoted to your favorite things – for example, get distracted and play CasinoChan.

Ninja Sphere climate control device

With the help of this gadget, micro climate settings are adjusted: illumination, humidity, and temperature. The device is equipped with a unique gesture matrix, which allows you to control the situation in the house with the utmost ease.

The device sends messages to the smartphone about left switched on appliances. You can turn them off or on remotely using your phone.

The device can be programmed to execute the following commands:

Turn on the heating if it’s cold outside when you get home.

Turn on the lights when you return home at night.

Automatically turn off appliances when the owner goes to bed.

You can place all sorts of Bluetooth tags on certain items while setting the Ninja Sphere to automatically activate the surveillance camera if the item moves from its place. The user will receive a message about this.

Philips Hue Light Bulb

These bulbs are connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Then they can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet. These devices enable/disable lighting, adjust the mode and duration of lighting, and create a colorful atmosphere.

With the help of this “smart” light bulb, color arrangements are created, lighting is periodically turned on by means of a timer, and light is used as an event signaling device, like an alarm clock. The kit includes three such bulbs, a controller with a power supply, a patch cord, and an Ethernet connector. Through the controller, contact is made with Hue. The built-in wireless module operates using the ZigBee protocol. This means that the bulbs can come into contact with any compatible household appliances.

Xiaomi Smart Induction Cooker

The Mijia Induction Cooker White single burner induction cooker has a work surface in the form of a glass circle. In the center is a thermometer button. Along the diameter of the circle, there is a rubber locking ring that protects the dishes from slipping.

Using a special application, the tiles can be controlled via a smartphone. In manual mode, many features are not available. The device must be compatible with a Wi-Fi network, for which you will need to download the Mi Home application.

The device operates in two modes: maximum and low fire by reducing the frequency of EMF generation. Plate dimensions – 265 x 70 mm. Its power is the same as in conventional hobs, but the electricity consumption is 2.1 kW.

Awair Air Quality Monitor

This is an intelligent device that can control temperature, humidity, and the degree of air purity. If necessary, it signals the air conditioner or humidifier. The device is compatible with Android 4.3 and above, as well as iOS 8 and above.

You can learn about air quality not only by digital indicators but also by the color of the light bulb on the screen:

meets all indicators – green;

medium quality – yellow;

bad is red.

The dimensions of the device are 12 x 40 x 22 cm. The data on it is periodically updated.

You can personalize the settings: set allergy data, parameters that contribute to productive work, and quality sleep. It is even possible to get up-to-date advice from Mayo Clinic.

Smart watering system Rachio

Rachio independently generates lawn watering schedules. This allows you to maintain optimal humidity and reduce water consumption.

There are intelligent controllers from Rachio, designed for 8 and 16 individual irrigation zones.

The system determines watering cycles automatically, based on the settings and information from weather stations. During rain, before and after rain, and on cold days, the controller stops watering.

In the event of connection failures, the last graph remains in the device’s memory. It maintains it until the connection is resumed. Since the system is supported by Nest, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Samsung, and more, it easily fits into the smart home concept.

All these gadgets are so smart that sometimes they can even be smarter than a human.

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