The social media these days have become a voice for us. In the recent times Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have created buzz. Many artists come and showcase their talents on Instagram platform. Recently small artists from India like @artwhoring (Priyanka Paul) from Mumbai and @kalmuhi_ (Pranjali Dubey) from Ahemdabad, are drawing comics as well as using patriarchal words to define womenhood.

‘Kalmuhi’, ‘Whore’, ‘Feminazi’. Call us what you will.

It is very much clear from their Instagram account that these ladies aren’t afraid to use such words. They are redefining the ‘sexist’ tags denoted to women.

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Don’t wanna set into the mold!

When The Quint asked Pranjali Dubey about what does ‘Kalmuhi’ (her virtual name) means and what is her motive behind this art, to which she replied:

Kalmuhi is a term that stands for any woman who breaks the rules and goes against the norms, who doesn’t fit into the socially assigned mould. Kalmuhi is a space that I have created for us, the norm-breaking women, to discuss ‘tabooed’ topics, including periods, sex, and mental disorders.

Pranjali Dubey, @kalmuhi_

While recollecting one incident Pranjali said:

Two days ago, a young girl texted me saying that she went to the temple on her period after seeing my doodle and the sky did not fall. It made me so happy. This is what I want to achieve through my art. I want young people to ask questions and help mend society at the places where it’s broken.

Pranjali Dubey, @kalmuhi_

There is no such thing as petty job!

The Quint asked Priyanka also about her Instagram username ‘Artwhoring’ and in the conversation she replied:

Prostitution was once practiced in India without the unnecessary stigma. It is now looked down upon and sex workers aren’t given the required government attention. Art as a career choice is also often looked down upon. ‘Artwhoring’ brings the two together and, to me, it signifies dignity of labour.

Priyanka Paul, @artwhoring

Discussing about her goals she said:

With my art, I hope to convey the need to analyse the accepted social systems and to re-evaluate all that is wrong in the society. I hope my art questions the status quo and provides a voice to the unheard. The strongest hope that I have for my art is that it informs, educates, and (if possible) empowers.

Priyanka Paul, @artwhoring

These artists are trying to change the game through their powerful words and comics. The words like slut or hoe comes with the burden which people deny to admit. The matter should be handled with care and awareness should spread.

Be lil sensitive!