Have you ever seen a figure made completely of nails and that too with a special reason? Durga Puja is a standout amongst the most broadly observed Hindu celebrations in India. Furthermore, amid this year’s Durga Puja, one of the organisers in Kolkata, the Samaj Sebi Sangha, chose to take things up a notch by developing a Durga sculpture so that even the visually disabled can experience the statue.

Breaking the usual standards of a Durga Puja pandal – to not touch the antiquities – Samaj Sebi advisory group has been spurring individuals to touch Durga’s face instead. It’s an initiative to promote inclusive celebration and they even dedicated their 73rd puja to the blind and the visually impaired. The figure of Durga has been assembled utilizing 20,000 screws and 1,200 nails at the entrance of the pandal. Though not the entire Durga, the idol has the face and the eyes of the goddess.

The council has additionally cut out a wall display with various thread patterns to frame words like ‘Ma’ and ‘Jai Maa Durga’. The blind people are also being given a puja itinerary with inside and out data about the details of celebrations in Braille.
Chandan Basu from Samaj Sebi Sangha said, “We have created this pandal for the visually impaired people so that they can feel the Durga Puja. We also wanted to educate the general people to donate their eyes after death to give light to the visually impaired. Samaj Sebi Sangha always pass a social message every year.”

Samaj Sebi additionally partnered with Voice of the world to enable blind kids to appreciate the celebration. In addition, it has set up an eye donation camp with M.P Birla Eye bank close to the pandal. As per Samaj Sebi, 85 individuals have effectively vowed to donate their eyes.

What’s more, it’s not just about the blind people. The Samaj Sebi Sangha has given wheelchair and stretcher facilities to the old and differently-abled individuals. The amazement doesn’t end here. The puja committee even urged the visually hindered kids to perform in the cultural night led on 16 October 2016 at the puja premises.
This isn’t the first occasion when the committee has been in the news for its innovative approach towards Durga Puja. Simply a year ago, their showcase collected appreciation for being India’s longest ‘Alpona’, which is a type of graffiti made in India utilizing rice flour glue.

Here is a look at the innovative Durga Puja idea-