Have you ever struggled to make your parents understand how social media works? Or what the slang words you use mean? Don’t worry- there is a new school in town just for that!

A couple of days back, I taught my mother what TBH implied. A few days after the fact, she messaged me saying TBVH. Befuddled, I solicited her the importance from this. What’s more, pat came her answer – To Be Exceptionally Fair, with some cool emoticon. *rolling eyes*
Have you likewise taken a stab at training your folks in messaging, just to let it halfway well enough alone for dissatisfaction? What’s more, you safeguarded and they learnt it at any rate. But they learnt everything incorrectly and now it returns to haunt your butt when you get a content from your mom with emoticons and acronyms you can’t disentangle. (Been there, done that!)

SnG Drama dealt with that and Saqib Saleem mentored a few folks about being cool and the do’s and dont’s connected with it. Watch this entertaining video to see Abish Mathew as Mr. Viagrawal and many more bone-ticklish moments!