Hey new Mommy, If you’ve found two minutes to watch this sweet video tribute from Dettol, your baby is probably asleep. But the little one could wake up anytime so we will keep this short. Just wanted to tell you what an awesome job you’re doing. Getting the world ready for your baby. Staying up all night when the baby’s tummy hurts; trying to convince your baby to have that papaya mash and staying at it even when she consistently spits it out. Remember the time you got totally drenched bathing her? Of course you would. It happens almost everyday, doesn’t it? Your baby’s lucky, she’s got you. To look out for her when she takes her first steps. She may fall at times but you will always be there to encourage her to get up and keep walking. She and you are discovering the world together and no matter what you achieve later in life, this time of your life will be the one you will be proudest of. So this Mother’s Day allow us to doff our hats to you, for who you are and all that you do!