With Diwali comes its little idiosyncrasies and fun. One of those is a definitive, yet inviting session of poker. I would prefer not to be a sexist and say that it’s a fellow thing, yet the majority of the excitement originates from that strata. Being a young lady, I know how genuine folks get amid these recreations, and God restrict on the off chance that you attempt to intrude on, a profanation is standing by.

Watch this diverting video by Shitty Ideas Trending which impeccably indicates what a fellow’s night of poker looks like when a young lady chooses to play along. Some of the time they snap and yell, yet some of the time they truly can’t. This is one of those times. ?

Disclaimer: We’re not stereotyping, all in agreeability.

Why this disclaimer? Since I’ve seen some rebel ladies poker (and teenager patti) players!