The black eyeliner is the cornerstone of our vanity boxes, but it’s about time we make room for another beauty find that is proving to be the miss congeniality amongst all makeup products – the white eyeliner. It’s not JUST an eyeliner, it can actually work wonders for you in so many other ways! Here are a few white eyeliner hacks that can make all the difference to your makeup routine.

Difficulty Level : As easy as snapping your fingers!

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Hack 1: Perfect Brows All The Way

The white eyeliner is the perfect product to highlight your brow bone. Apply the eyeliner under and above your brow bone. Smudge with your ring finger to get beautiful pushed up eyebrows.

Hack 2: Make That Shadow POP

To make your eyeshadow pop, especially the low pigmented ones, use the white eyeliner. Apply it all over your eyelid and then apply the eyeshadow of your choice. You will have the most fabulous color on your lids!

Hack 3: Miss Beautiful Eyes

Apply the white eyeliner on your waterline and viola! Your eyes look bigger and it brightens up your look!

Hack 4: The Perfect Pout

Apply white eyeshadow on your cupids bow and below your lower lip. Blend it with the help of your ring finger. This will give you the most perfect pout!

Hack 5: Goodbye Blemishes

Red Blemishes bothering you? White eyeliner to the rescue!. Apply the eyeliner on the area with blemishes and then cover it with concealer. It works like magic!

These were some super awesome ways to use the white eyeliner. Hopefully you now know what a magic potion this eyeliner can be!