How to Use a French Press Coffee Maker
How to Use a French Press Coffee Maker

Anyone who tastes flavored and full-bodied coffee must certainly brew their coffee using a French press coffee maker. As long as we use good quality coffee beans, we can be certain that our French press coffee maker will yield the ideal cup of coffee to make us feel refreshed.

However, the most important thing here is that we know how to use a French press coffee maker to brew the right cup of coffee to brace ourselves for the day ahead. So, here in this post, we will look into the details of using a French press coffee maker appropriately.

But How Does A French Press Coffee Maker Work?

Firstly, the French press immerses the ground coffee in hot water and then press down the filter to separate the ground from the coffee. It is worth mentioning that the water temperature must be around 200 degrees Fahrenheit to extract the flavor optimally. We do not want the water to be hotter than this temperature because it can lead to a burnt taste coming from the coffee. Also, cooler water might not be ideal for optimally extracting the flavor from the coffee, and nobody likes their coffee to taste flavorless.   

Steps For Using A French Press Coffee Maker

Using a French press coffee maker is not as difficult as one might think, and with the steps mentioned below, it will become easier for us to get a freshly brewed cup of French press coffee any time. Experts recommend that it is better to maintain a coffee to water ratio of about 1:16, which translates to one ounce of ground coffee and sixteen ounces of water.

Also, make sure to grind the ground coffee on a coarse surface for reaping the benefits of slow extraction. We say so because using finely ground coffee can result in over-extraction, giving a bitter, harsh taste to the coffee, and nobody likes that. Now that we have these recommendations out in the open, we get started with the steps to use a French press coffee maker.

Step 1: Start With The Whole Beans

Whenever making French press coffee, we must ensure that whole beans are ideally roasted; we can ensure that we get the best flavor from the coffee. Experts recommend that we ensure our ground coffee resembles rock salt in visual appearance.

Step 2: Boil The Water

After we are satisfied with our coffee beans, it is time to boil the water for a while. After the water has boiled, we need to leave it for a while just so that the water can cool down a little, reaching the ideal temperature of 200-degrees Fahrenheit. In general, it will only take a minute for the water’s temperature to drop to the said temperature.

Step 3: Add Ground Coffee To The Carafe Followed By Hot Water

Now that we have the water all boiled up at an ideal temperature, it is time to add our roasted coffee beans to the carafe along with the hot water. When doing so, we will notice that the coffee grounds are beginning to float on the top giving us our crust. We can use a spoon to break the crust and stir the beverage appropriately to ensure that the grounds sink to the bottom of the mug or cup.         

Step 4: Placing The Lid

We are almost at the end of our coffee-making process, but before we conclude this process, we must place the lid on the carafe while ensuring that the plunger is pulled up all the way and leave it that way for about three minutes for better results.

Step 5: Pushing Down The Plunger

After the said three minutes have passed, it is time to push the plunger down by exerting a gentle force. There it is; our amazing cup of French press coffee is ready, but we must serve it immediately because if the coffee sits around for too long, it continues brewing and becomes more bitter.

Wrapping Up

As we can now see, using a French press coffee maker is not very complex; once we get used to using this coffee maker, it will barely take ten minutes to brew a nice cup of French press coffee. In addition, it is always recommended that we clean our coffee maker appropriately after every use because oil residue and remaining crumbs of coffee grounds can make our coffees taste even more bitter.

It is also essential that we adhere to the manufacturer’s rules or instructions to clean our coffee maker appropriately. Therefore, stop thinking further, get the best French press coffee maker from KCROASTERS and enjoy an ideal cup of French press coffee whenever in a mood for a refreshing beverage.