Shatter, also called concentrated cannabis or shatter weed, is taking the market by storm. This alternative to your regular weed products has immense THC potency. It has given users the best high, and they love using it.

Since it is unsafe to shatter yourself, people prefer buying it online or from retail stores. You can visit us at to browse through various shatter products. And to make your search for the best shatter easier, we have tips to spot the best shatter store.

What is Shatter?

Shatter weed is a concentrate derived from marijuana plants. It is somewhat similar in effects and composition to rosin or hash. Although these items come from the marijuana plant, they have up to five times the potency of a marijuana bud. However, their high strength is also why they have earned such a loyal user base. The method of derivation for shatter is through a solvent like butane. The process, however, is prone to fires so unsafe for DIYs.

But users don’t have to turn to DIY since they can find a wide variety of shatter strains online. Through online and physical retail stores, customers can get varying quantities of shatter for dabbing.

What to Look for in an Ideal Shatter Shop?

Concentrate dabbing is one of the most recent yet well-accepted trends in the industry. So naturally, many brands manufacture multiple shatter products too. Before you turn to any store just yet, you can first see which one is the best.

But with limited research on shatter and taboos, finding the right brand becomes difficult. But there are some features you can look for in a shatter brand. These features will help you identify a trustable brand to use for buying shatter:

  • Positive Customer Feedback

The customer response to a brand’s product is its number one quality indicator. Research revolving around shatter and marijuana, in general, is scarce, so determining product quality becomes tricky.

If a brand has positive feedback- its products are well-tolerated and enjoyed by users. But customer accounts are accurate, giving you an idea of the product. So make sure to check the reviews under your desired product to see the customer feedback.

  • Quality Testing

Third-party testing or quality testing for products is essential for marijuana products. To ensure that your shatter comes from the best quality weed, you must check their quality. Sometimes the manufacturer does the testing on their products for quality control themselves.

In other instances, manufacturers send their products to other labs for third-party testing. Undoubtedly the latter is better since it has dual approval. But either way is ideal since you will get tested and approved products.

  • Accurate Product Information

You might wonder why something as simple as product information makes a brand ideal. Product information can be essential in figuring out the ingredients and their quality. For example, you can get to know a shatter strains’ THC content before buying.

Accurate and detailed product information can help you spot preservatives. It can also show you the THC concentration in the product. All such info can help choose the right product and strain.

  • Offers and Coupon Codes

Shatter weed usually falls on the more expensive side of marijuana products. Due to its high prices, many shy away from trying it in the first place. But many brands offer numerous discounts for their customers.

Online stores often give their users coupon codes and offers. You can avail of welcome deals when you shop from a brand for the first time. You can also get coupon codes upon registering your account or subscribing to the brand.

  • Free Shipping and Goodies

Like attractive offers, free shipping and gifts are something ideal brands do. Free shipping can help you reduce expensive shipping costs on your already costly purchases. Similarly, some brands also give out gifts with each purchase.

These gifts may be samples or goodies of similar products. Such small benefits might not seem like much, but for regulars- they are perfect. Saving on shipping costs is especially beneficial for avid users who use shatter regularly.

  • Variety of Strains

The variety of strains that a brand has is also necessary. Broadly, you can find shatter with three main types of weed strains- Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. Sativa is energizing, Indica is relaxing, and Hybrid has the best of both worlds.

Further, there are numerous individual strains with slightly differing properties. Having a wide array of choices in your shatter products is beneficial. It helps you choose the product that would fit your needs the best.


For users who have been using weed for some time now, more intense products are attractive. Since the effects of weed may seem on the milder side, users might prefer more intense products. And one such product is shatter weed which is gaining popularity with people.

This amber glass-like substance holds nearly 60-80% THC, giving the user the most intense high. So before you try out shatter, you can search for the perfect place to shop in Canada. With the help of our tips, you can buy your products from a trusted store and enjoy using shatter.

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