When you move into a care home, the help that you are going to get is amazing, there are going to be a lot of people who you can get along with, and you will be able to rely on experienced staff with any aspects of life that you need help with. That being said, you are going to want to make it so that the room you are staying in and the general atmosphere is as welcoming as possible. What are the best ways to do this? If you want to know, then you are in the right place. This article will dive into a bit more detail about some of the best ways you will be able to make your care home more welcoming.

Speak to Staff

The staff members at your care home are going to be incredibly eager to make your stay as welcoming as possible. There are a number of ways that they do this. For instance, at Signature, which is a Signature care homes, staff are experienced in dealing with residents who need different levels of care and are generally just incredibly friendly. When you speak to the staff, you will find that it is not hard to get along, and as such, it is going to be easy to feel welcome whenever you walk around or wherever you are in the care home.

Take Some Personal Items

You need to make sure that you are taking plenty of your personal items so that you can make the entire place look a lot more like somewhere you can call home. These personal items can be entirely sentimental such as an ornament of some kind, but they can also be practical. For instance, if you like to write, you could bring your laptop. If you draw, then bring your supplies, whatever it is that is going to help you relax and feel much more at home when in your downtime.

Hang Up Pictures

When a room has completely bare walls, it is hard for it to look welcoming in any way. If you want to make your room look a lot more welcoming, you should be sure to get some photos hung up. What these depict can vary a lot of the time. You may well want to simply hang up some art that you like or an image that particularly moves you. On the other hand, you could make things a bit more personal by hanging up some photos of yourself with your family and friends. You may already have some printed, but you can always get new ones printed from your phone if you want to.


Moving to a care home is a good idea as you are going to be able to get assistance with whatever day-to-day activities you find difficult. That being said, given you are moving into a new space, it may not be the most homely or welcoming environment at first. If you want to rectify this, you should carry out some of the above.

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