It is said that if it lasts 7 years, it’s for a lifetime. But is it necessary that a friend of 7 years is the one for a lifetime as well? not compulsorily.  We give you the telltale signs to sort this dilemma of yours.

1. Plucks your eyebrows.

pops an unreachable zit, reclasps your bra covertly for you. These are just few of the things that you can rely on her to do for you making her your Friend turned Sister. If you can trust her with your eyebrows, Voila! you have found your BFF.

2. Likes your posts as soon it is online.

At times, she doesn’t even need to look at what it is. Liking your picture is as imperative as breathing to her.

3. Holds your hair when you throw up.

Somebody who can stand there for you while you puke is a humongous task in itself. However she even holds your hair for you so you can look the pretty self when you become sober again.

4. Cancels on her boyfriend when you are having a bad day.

Seriously, who does that anymore? but if she places you higher on her priority chart than her love, and listens to you endlessly rant about the mess your life is, she’s the angel in your life. Never ever let her go.

5. Doesn’t question you when you randomly send her a location on Whatsapp.

You both don’t need a telepathic connection to say exactly the right thing at the right time to the right people to hide each others actual whereabouts. You both know that if something goes wrong, how and where to contact each other. This is the level of connection that is downright worth envy.

6. You perpetually owe each other money

And have sworn on god to pay each other back sometime in the future. No pressure.