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How to find a student job: combining work and study

How to find a student job: combining work and study
How to find a student job: combining work and study

While searching for a job, students should keep in mind a couple of criteria making job search relatively easy and effective. The less time and nerves you spend on job search, the more joyful your first work experience will be. 

  1. Make a list of preferable areas according to your background or those you would like to try your hands at. Studentship is the very time when you can assay your strength not only in your future profession, but also in related or totally different fields. It will not be that easy to do after graduation.
  1. Prepare a CV. Despite this criterion is quite obvious, it is worth pointing out that the process of CV preparation and emailing is very important. 
  2. List all your strengths first. Try to focus on the skills needed most for the selected job and always refer to a job description. Highlight the keywords associated with a vacancy and use them in your CV. If you are aimed at various vacancies, respectively, prepare several CVs focusing on the position you are applying for.
  3. Don’t send your CV only. Be proactive and write a cover letter. It will not look as dry and guarded as a CV, moreover, in your cover letter you can tell more about your intention to work for this particular employer or in this particular field. A cover letter should contain information about your strengths and advantages, indicate also your skills for this position and ideas you would work on. Remember, even if you have no work experience, your activities at the university, volunteer, educational or creative projects will let your potential employer make comprehensive evaluation of your application and additionally, will emphasize your participation and reliability.
  4. Pay attention when sending your CV. If you send an email for several positions, make sure you use BCC and check the proper spelling of each email address.  The above is really important as your email is the first thing giving your potential employer first impression about you.  If there is no reply within a week, do not hesitate to call and clarify the status of your application. It’s quite possible that your email ended in a spam folder or they just forgot to reply. Being persistent to some extend is important enough in job search process.
  • Use international websites and resources for job search; it will definitely help you make more thorough and effective search. The advantage of using such websites is that they gathered maximum of suitable vacancies upon requests in your country/region.  You will have access to enormous user-friendly database of vacancies and a number of useful tools for job search. Moreover, international aggregators can offer similar jobs in other countries, providing a full picture of employment market demand. Besides, it is a good way to make your own monitoring your profession demand on a global scale.

For instance, below are 3 job search aggregators being in the top 5 among work and education websites according to Similarweb.

Jooble is an international job search website used daily by millions of people in 71 countries. It is ranked at 5th place by Similarweb and has been actively gaining popularity among users over the past two years.  Because Jooble has special operation features; similarly to any other search engine, Jooble does not compile all the information in its own database, but searches it out and makes this process much better than any other search engine. With a variety of tools such as “advanced search” and lots of filters, Jooble enables its users to find the most appropriate job as per their own preferences.

Glassdoor provides a wide range of vacancies. Comprehensive company profiles are extremely convenient for users, providing detailed information about the employer. This website is also useful for it posts salaries level for the main positions in demand.

Indeed is a job search aggregator where most of the vacancies from different job boards are gathered. Users note the convenience of reading employees’ reviews about the companies. Besides, Indeed is quite popular among job seekers in IT field.



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