Do you want to achieve that natural glowing look that says that you’re not wearing any makeup? Well, you can now use makeup to achieve that ‘no makeup’ look! Confused? This video will teach you how to get the ‘no makeup’ look in 8 easy steps!

What You Will Need:

1. A Moisturizer
2. BB or CC Cream and Blending Brush
3. Black Kajal
4. Nude or White Kajal
5. A Mascara
6. Nude Lipstick

Difficulty Level: As easy as braiding your hair!

Watch the video now!!

Step 1: Apply moisturizer evenly on your skin to get rid of any dryness and to get that natural glow

Step 2: Skip the foundation and instead put on some BB or CC cream since it is lighter.

Step 3: Buff it in well with a brush so that it looks nice and natural.

Step 4: Use a black kajal and an eyebrow brush to define your eyebrows well

Step 5: To add a natural rosy and healthy look to your cheeks, without using a blush, pat them gently while smiling and then pinch the apples of your cheeks.

Step 6: Use a nude or a white kajal to line your lower waterline

Step 7: Apply a generous coat of mascara on your eyelashes to curl them

Step 8: Finish by lightly dabbing nude lipstick on your lips with your ring finger

And viola! In just 8 easy steps, you have now achieved the ‘no makeup’ makeup look!