Party season doesn’t just mean fancy new clothes! You can even dress up your nails in some awesome and party-ish designs! And no, you don’t have to rush to the parlor to get it done, you can get colorful applique nails at home!

What You Will Need: Colorful Nail Paints, Tweezers, White Nail Paint, Clear Top Coat, Plastic Sheet and Scissors

Difficulty Level: As easy as tying your shoelaces!

Watch the video now!

Step 1: Take your favorite nail colours and a rectangular plastic sheet.

Step 2: Make thick rectangular shapes with the nail paint on the the sheet.

Step 3: Let it dry for five minutes.

Step 4: Once the first coat is dry, apply another thick layer on top of it.

Step 5: While the strips dry, apply a coat of white nail paint on your nails.

Step 6: Once the strips are dry, start removing them from the thicker side.

Step 7: Once removed, cut them into small triangles.

Step 8: Now, apply a second coat of white nail paint to your nails!

Step 9: Once your nails are dry, start applying the applique onto your nails in the desired pattern.

Step 10: Seal it with a top coat!

There you go, your nails are ready to party!