There are many reasons why one may wish to cleanse their homes energy. When you’re feeling unwell, undergoing a life transition, recovering from an argument, breakup, or loss, or simply having a bad day, cleansing the energy of your home isn’t just beneficial, but essential. Your home’s energy sets the tone for your entire day, as this is where you’ll wake up and also where you’ll retire at the end of the day. A cleansed home allows for a cleansed personal aura, which will aid you in your personal and professional endeavors alike.

Incorporate Plants into the Space

First and foremost, you can incorporate plants into your space to effectively cleanse the air in your home. Plants take in carbon dioxide and emit oxygen, making them essential for achieving the purest of air. In addition to these physical benefits, plants give off a fresh scent, which does wonders for your mindset. You might even boost these smells by investing in a diffuser that spreads these natural scents throughout your home. Frankincense, lavender, and sage are especially effective energy cleansers, as they’re very good at dissolving negativity. Furthermore, English ivy, aloe vera, and lilies boast the freshest scents on the market.

Set a New Intention

As the old saying goes, form follows thought. Therefore, to successfully shift your home’s energy, you must first think it into existence. You must decide what you want from your home’s energy and verbalize this. Make it clear what you want your space to help you release and express how you want your home to feel. Once you have the right mindset in place, you can go about making the necessary steps to bring your home closer to your desired energy. After all, if you insist on harboring negative thoughts within, you simply won’t be able to experience the exterior benefits.

Burn Dried Herbs

It’s a worldwide tradition to burn fragrant herbs in anticipation of clearing a space of negative energy. Despite this, since fire is involved, you need to ensure that you execute this as safely as possible. Be sure to place your chosen herb in a fire-safe container, light it until a flame ignites, and then blow it out. This will enable you to fan the embers throughout the room, which will ultimately be rid of any negative vibes. With this being said, this should be avoided by those with asthma or smoke sensitivity, as this is likely to result in flareups.

Place Crystals in Certain Areas

Crystals are gifts from the earth, and each carries a unique vibrational properties. Those known for ridding a space of negative energy are hematite and black tourmaline, so these should be a feature of any home. Despite this, there are endless types of crystals available, all of which will have positive properties. Therefore, you should conduct thorough research to see which would provide your home with the greatest benefit. Not only are crystals beneficial thanks to their vibrational properties, but they’re also incredibly beautiful, meaning they double as a unique ornament.

Make Noise in the Space

Clapping, gongs, and drums can effectively break up negative energy within your home. In order to ensure that the sound reaches every corner of your home, you can start from the front door and move all the way around your home until you make a full loop. If you play an instrument, this is a great way to make use of your talent; however, if you’re not musically gifted, clapping will work just fine. Make sure to work along the perimeter to inhibit bad vibes from being projected from the walls.

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