Choosing the right umbrella can be a difficult task. There are many different types of umbrellas available on the market, all with varying features and designs. Some are more complex than others, while some are very simple.

Here are some things to consider when purchasing your next umbrella:

1. Do I want an automatic or manual umbrella?

Manual umbrellas are much more common than automatic ones. Manual umbrellas require you to open and close them yourself using a crook handle. This will involve opening the umbrella at all times unless you prefer to be drenched! They work very simply; once opened, they’re held upright by the force of the wind. On a breezy day, you will find yourself having to hold your umbrella all the time. If there is no wind, it can be challenging to keep straight and may collapse if not held upright by another person or some weight such as a bag.

On the other hand, automatic umbrellas are much more convenient. They are held up by a spring-loaded mechanism which means you don’t have to do anything. When it is windy, the umbrella will bend in the wind and stay open; otherwise, they are collapsed, allowing you to store them away easily.

Automatic umbrellas can be slightly more expensive due to their complex nature, but if you suffer from back problems or don’t want to hold an umbrella all the time, they are definitely worth the investment.

2. Is it for one person use, two people or more?

The size of your new umbrella should be considered if you will be using it on your own. If you are a lone umbrella user, then a small pocket-sized umbrella will do nicely. This will be very compact and easy to hold with one hand. On the other hand, if you are buying an umbrella for two people, consider a traditional size that can be held comfortably in both your hands. If you have children, think about what they are likely to use the most. Again, tiny pocket-sized umbrellas are great, but bigger ones are nice when sharing with your children.

3. What style do I want?

Once you have figured out what size umbrella is required, consider the different styles available. The traditional umbrella has a solid pole and fabric canopy. It’s very effective at keeping you dry but can be awkward to carry around and store once open. This design has not changed in centuries and can be found in most shops.

The Repel Travel Umbrella is a more modern design with a folding mechanism to make it smaller when stored. These are very popular with commuters as they will fit nicely into your bag, briefcase, or even your pocket! They tend to be less effective than the traditional style, but if you only get caught in the rain occasionally, it may be ideal for you.

Modern designs such as the golf umbrella and walking stick umbrella are unique and can add a touch of style to your outfit! If you often find yourself out when it’s raining, these styles will keep you much drier than traditional umbrellas with their larger canopies. They are also very handy if you need to carry a bag or hold an umbrella and briefcase simultaneously.

These three things will help you determine the best style of umbrella to purchase. As always, though, the choice is yours, and you should find an umbrella that suits your needs perfectly. If in doubt, why not buy a travel umbrella that can be very small when collapsed and perfect for commuters to store easily in their bag or briefcase.