It’s decided! I’m gonna cook a salad to impress my family members this evening. A chicken salad, it’s easy. Luckily I have chicken leftovers in the fridge that no one wants to finish. Well, I’ll need some canned pineapples for the salad. Let’s see… I used the pineapples but I kept the juice! What am I gonna do with it? Drink it? Nope… Throw it out? But it’s such a waste of food…
Oh, just remembered! I have a pie recipe that has pineapple juice as one of the main ingredients. Here we go, all done. But wait! To make my pie, I only used the yolks of the eggs and not the whites… I just have to cook them now, otherwise I’ll put them in the fridge and eventually throw them away. I can’t let that happen.
Yes! I have an idea! I can bake some meringue cookies! It’s easy and the kids will love it! For meringues, I need to use some lemon peels. My God…Now what to do with the whole peeled lemon??? If I leave it like this, it will dry out soon.
Or maybe… I can use it for my special salad dressing?! My salad dressing recipe said: ’Take half of an onion bulb…’ Are you kidding me? What am I gonna do with the other half?
Hmmm…Wait a second! I can use it for tomato sauce!!! It will go perfectly with the spaghetti. I found a recipe for homemade canned tomatoes. We had so much fun with my mom canning tomatoes in the summer…So I used just a half of the whole jar. What do I do with the rest? Oh, no, what a pity if it goes bad in the fridge. It’s all natural, no additives, no preservatives…

Okey-dokey, let’s whip up an easy-to-cook veggie soup and use those tomatoes, shall we? Oh crap, I’m out of veggies. That’s fine, I’ll just go to the store and buy some. I bought all the veggies, fruits, toothpaste, floss, a pair of socks for my husband (well, yeah, I just couldn’t help it…they were on sale!), a cute pair of flip-flops for myself (yes, they were on sale too, what do you expect…), several bars of soap…well, you know, just in case. On my way home from the store, I stopped by my bank for a moment and paid some bills, stepped into the dry cleaner’s to grab some clothes, and bought freshly-baked sandwich bread from a cute little bakery. I could barely feel my legs when I got back home. Somehow I even succeeded in cooking the veggie soup and ignored all the leftovers. I fell down in a chair feeling fatigued but very satisfied with my day. Suddenly I thought to myself,
Geez, what a freak! I should have drunk the damn pineapple juice!

Author: Olga Kramarevitch
Source: ihappymama
Illustration credit: shatha