Tarun has a bucket list and Happy Feet Home, a Children’s Hospice is helping him build his dreams ! Here’s the story of a young boy who is fighting time but doesn’t back down.
Meet 17-year old Tarun, a customary child who despises going to class and cherishes cycling around with his companions.


At 10 years old, Tarun figured out that he was HIV positive.


He met a lady at the doctor’s facility who welcomed him to a kids’ inside close-by.


By conversing with the children and managers there, Tarun learnt a considerable measure of things.


Tarun has a fantasy. To be a DJ. Furthermore, despite the fact that his family supposes he won’t make it, Tarun has different arrangements.


Tarun has many individuals to demonstrate wrong and he’s well on his approach to doing it.


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Video Source:The Better India