The story here is a piece of fiction and all characters are imaginary.
In my family, obesity has forever been a hereditary trait. Thankfully, I was never an obese kid since the beginning but was a bit too short for my age. During school, when our teacher would ask us to stand in a queue according to our heights, I’d be very happyto lead the line. But, as soon as I started growing up, I was constantly poked and told that I was too small for my age. People often started passing comments like dwarfs are better than me and all. Gradually, it started looking like an insult.
All those jokes and memes on my height started becoming a regular thing. And not just me, there are lot of other people who are being body shamed, even today.
You are too thin.

You are too fat.

You are so effin tall.

You are so short.

You have a duck-face.

This nose of yours makes you look like a parrot.

And this just goes on.
But whatever you may call it- We all have our own reasons to be the way that we are.

Body shaming is serious and we are so lost in gossiping about which movie is releasing this Friday that we don’t give a f*ck to what people who face it go through.
I have always been body shamed on various levels in my life; here’s something that I want to tell people who have faced the same:
They will bend you, they will crush you but they can never break you.
Be proud of who you are. The reason why I am able to say this is because I have been through all of this and having endured it all, I can say that these taunts, instances and bullying is going to make you a stronger person in life.

A very popular saying also suggests that ‘A diamond is nothing but a piece of charcoal that handled stress and pressure exceptionally well.’ Consider all the shaming that you receive as a stress or pressure which is going to make you shine bright like a diamond.
Before you head further, here are some instances that I would like to share. These instances will not only motivate you but will also teach you how you should accept the way you are.

I often had people at my work place who would help me get that mug from the top shelf. People would help me with a lot of things and they would show that I was something less that what they were. I never took it that way, it was always easy for everyone to say and get way with it but I had to live with it.
So, I decided to find the good part in everything. If I called me short or small, I tried to find the good thing in being short. If they said that I had a tummy I knew first I had to accept that I had one and then tell these people that I have owned and embraced myself, it didn’t matter to me what these people thought. I loved myself anyway.
To be able to bring that confidence, I tried to channelise the energy around me into a positive one.

People throw taunts and words at a pregnant woman like pots and pans. They are always so critical about her appearance. All people who are obese or are overweight are not that prone to being emotional. But as compared to others, it is difficult for a pregnant woman. It takes a toll on her but she still endures it all because she loves being a mother. She loves the fact that a life is alive inside her. She is preparing herself for the big day and other people’s opinion don’t bother her.
Why can’t we have that sense of ownership within ourselves. It is always such a good feeling to be you.

Even if I am fat, tall, short or my hair, hands and face is not up to the mark, I know that I am me and I am not insecure about myself anymore. I have embraced my flaws and they make me a more beautiful.