The world is full of horror stories and the scariest of them all are the ones that you know can be real. The Reddit community has come together again to discuss the things that have gone wrong in their lives, and this time, it’s bringing on some major cringe.

Here are the Are 8 Stories That Will Reveal about Gross Sexual Encounters

1. Oh Boy

I had recently found a new girlfriend. A cute, blonde girl with lots of curves in all the right places. We had been together for a little while (this was back when I was a junior in college and she was a freshman) when we went to this huge party. We both ended up getting totally trashed and wound up back at my place. Needless to say, I was way too drunk to get any business done that night. The next morning, we woke up and started to get it on. For some reason, I’m always really randy after a night of heavy drinking. Anyway, midway through the sex, we are doing it doggy style with her on all fours at the edge of the bed and me standing behind her on the floor. I am hammering away like a rabid jackrabbit when, all of a sudden, I get that sour food, extra saliva feeling in my mouth. I knew what was coming but it was too late. As the puke surged up my esophagus, I clenched my hands over my mouth in a death grip, but to no avail. I spun around and tried to aim for my waste bin, but it was no use. I ended up projectile vomiting in about a half circle. I managed to go from her right side, across that wall, across the wall behind me (and the bookcase that was there), all over the waste bin, and I over spun and went passed the waste bin and got it on my floor and the bed on her left side.

2. Uh-Oh 

We headed back to her apartment, and things started to heat up. We were on her bed, ripping off each other’s clothes. Suddenly, in one swift move, she pounced me, knocked me onto my back, jumped on top of me, spun around and started sucking me off, 69 style. I was totally into it, and started reciprocating. Only a few moments pass before I felt a tap on my forehead. My face was fully between her legs, yet there was this tap tap tap on my forehead. Every couple of seconds, tap tap tap. This tapping continued and started to take me out of the moment. I pried my face from between her legs to get a better view of what was going on. To my horror, I witnessed, dangling from her asshole, a fucking tapeworm, bouncing like a fettuccine noodle with every excited movement she made. I was totally disgusted, but kind of in shock, and she had no idea what is going on, just gobbling away down there. Before I knew it, I had thrown her off of me and I was stringing together a long series of “fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck” as I put on my pants and ran out the door.

3. Yuckkk

Ex girlfriend and me having anal sex in a pitch black room. Smell hits, I turn on the lights, and there is dark brown diarrhea all over my crotch, and both our legs.

4. Shitttt

We were messing around in the car waiting for the class to start where I had to write my midterm exam. So to relieve some pressure I suggested a quick one. She agreed. We were in the school parking lot and right when I finished and was about to pull the condom (my girlfriend was in the front seat already) our prof parks right next to us. I was terrified to say the least. He gestured if I was coming to class and said I rolled my window down with my hand on my crotch and said yes. He said, “Do you mind helping me with these papers?” I had no other choice but to say yes. So I pulled my pants up and walked with him with the cum filled condom still on my penis. I was in the class for one hour and 45 mins and had to write the test with the condom on my dick. Every time I moved I died a little inside.

5. Fishyy

The grossest sexual encounter I’ve had was a guy who sweat so profusely it was dripping on me, then he flipped his sweaty ass around into my face to attempt what I can only assume was a 69 position, but was more like being force-fed a butt sandwich and I could see the sweat glistening on his ass/ball hair, that, and the cheese smell coming from his balls made my eyes water and I threw him off me and ran to the shower. Thirty minutes of soap and hot water and I still didn’t feel clean.

6. Wait What

A girl I had been dating for awhile climbed on me for 69. As she scooted back, I saw something white, realized too late that it was a clump of toilet paper, and got it in my mouth. Pretty nasty, but I spit it out and kept going.

7. Unexpected

Last summer my husband and I were living with roommates who had a cat. We were drinking and started getting hot and heavy, he stripped down and jumped on the bed, said something about it being wet and jumped back up. One of us had left our bedroom door cracked and the cat had gotten stuck in the room, and pooped all over our bed. Worse is that apparently, this cat was sick with worms. My poor husband was covered in kitty diarrhea, blood, and worms.