Before visiting our dental dentist, we brush our mouths and scrub it with mouthwash to dispose of soil and terrible breath. All things considered, we don’t think about you, however clearly, individuals significantly fuck up when they go to visit their gynec. In the event that you would prefer not to be one of them, this is what the gynecologists of Reddit need you to recall before you put forward to visit them.

#1. Basic hygiene should be a minimum. Spend a minute to wash your body with soap and water.


#2. Keep your socks on or bring ankle socks to wear. Stirrups can be cold!

#3. No one cares about your bush as long as it doesn’t impede the exam.

#4. Don’t worry being on your period. It’s LITERALLY my job to deal with it.

#5. Please take out your tampon. It’s really awkward if I have to pull it out.

#6. Don’t have sex an hour before your pap smear.

#7. Wash your feet, please. If they smell like rotten corn chips dipped in vinegar right next to my head, I’m gonna have to make a quick exit.

#8. You’re not just a vagina. Decide what help you want from us. Ask questions, make us work for you.

#9. Sometimes, it’s frustrating when women who have regular, predictable periods, call the day of the appointment to cancel because they’re on their period.

#10. Be honest about your sex life. I only ask about the sex, gender and number of partners you engage in activities with because it is relevant to what I need to look for.

#11. Write down any symptoms or anything you are worried about in advance. The exams are very invasive and sometimes people get nervous and forget things.

#12. Please, for the love fo God, don’t lie to your doctor. I had a patient go though serious alcohol withdrawal because he lied about how much he drank.