CM Leung has been voted one of the world’s top wedding photographers, but even he couldn’t have planned the crazy picture that he took at a wedding in Iceland recently. Because although the picture below looks staged, the helicopter was in fact a very surprise addition to the photo shoot!


helicopter-bride-wedding-photography-cm-leung-4helicopter-bride-wedding-photography-cm-leung-4Helicopter Almost Hits Bride’s Head For Crazy Wedding Photo

The Icelandic Coast Guard chopper had been in the area to rescue somebody, and Leung just happened to be in the right place at the right time to capture the moment that it flew past the bride. She managed to stay on her feet just long enough for the photographer to take his amazing picture before the downdraft knocked her over. Rescue personnel were present to ensure that people on the ground were safe, and although the helicopter looks perilously close, the angle of the picture makes it look more dangerous than it actually was. Still, this doesn’t stop it from being one of the coolest wedding pictures we’ve ever seen.

Watch the video below for more info:

More info: CM Leung (h/t: PetaPixel)