Hard work pays off. It doesn’t make a difference whether one is disabled or chooses a profession that others are against – if you put our heart and soul into it against all odds, you’re going to celebrate pretty soon! This has been proved by a video which took the internet by storm lately.

A disabled Zomato delivery guy from Beawar, Rajasthan, who used a hand-pulled cycle to deliver food to customers. The company has now made his job simpler by giving him an electric cycle!

A couple of days back a video of the delivery man, named Ramu Sahu, became a web sensation on the web in which he could be seen riding a hand-pulled cycle in order to deliver food. Roused by him, netizens gave the post remarks and commended him for his endeavours, also giving a massive thumbs-up to Zomato for hiring a disabled man. However, a lot of them suggested how the company should consider providing him with an electric vehicle in order to reduce physical strain.

The post is presently winning the web. People are all praises for the gesture and so happy for Ramu!