Goa is one of the most popular tourist Spot for all the party lovers, the place has a relaxing vibe attached to it and therefore everyone wants to visit Goa and enjoy some quality time with friends.

Goa Tourism Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar today urged tourists not to misbehave with women under the influence of alcohol while welcoming the Chief Minister’s announcement of fines for drinking and littering in public

Mr. Ajgaonkar also said that only those disciplined “good tourists” were welcome in Goa, who were willing to preserve the state’s culture, natural beauty and the spirit of Goanness.

“We urge people and tourists to not misbehave with any girl or woman. Because our Goa is famous all over India and the world. People come here to see our culture and our natural beauty. Goa’s discipline, culture, and Goenkarponn (Goanness) should be preserved. There will be no compromise on anyone who is drunk and misbehaves,” Mr. Ajgaonkar told reporters in Panaji.

Mr. Ajgaonkar said the Rs. 2,500 fines were less and should be hiked considerably.

“They should be fined as much as possible. We want good tourists, those who follow Goa’s discipline and culture and Goenkarponn,” he said.