Pranab Mukherjee, former President of India and stalwart of Indian politics, breathed his last on Monday (August 31). He was 84. The information was announced by his son Abhijit Mukherjee. The veteran politician was found to be coronavirus positive when he went to Army Hospital for treatment. At the hospital, he underwent surgery for a blood clot in the brain.

Mukherjee ‘s health had deteriorated on Monday morning and due to his lung infection he suffered a septic shock, had hospital authorities.

He was in a deep sleep, and was assisted by the ventilator.

After being admitted to hospital in Delhi Cantonment on August 10, Mukherjee was treated by a team of specialists and operated on the same day for the removal of a clot in his brain.

He eventually contracted a respiratory infection.

From 2012 until 2017, Mukherjee was India’s 13th President. He had previously been a member of the Congress party.