Homosexuality is not a sin, nor a disease, nor a mental disorder. However, modern-day quacks are still cashing in on the ignorance of our narrow-minded society by offering ‘cures’ for homosexuality. In this new video by 101 India, former Bigg Boss contestant and Mr Gay India 2014, Sushant Divgikar, goes to one such Yoga teacher, who promises to ‘cure’ homosexuality, and emerges gloriously gay even at the end of the session.


The ‘teacher’ seemed confused about transsexuality and homosexuality. He tells Divgikar that kings used to make transgenders do household chores to distract them from ‘sinning.’



Watch the full video by 101 India here:

The yoga poses he suggests will definitely not ‘cure’ either transsexuality or homosexuality, but they do have other health benefits. Parvatasana can help cure your respiratory disorders, Vajrasana can help cure your digestion problems, and Bhadrasana can help reduce kidney problems, and (according to many non-homophobic yoga teachers) can help alleviate menstrual cramps as well.

So, have a happy, healthy and homophobia-free life.