Iron may be solid, however press on it enough and it breaks into a million pieces. Steel notwithstanding, may curve, however never break. That is the quality that Geeta Phogat, the first Indian Lady to win a gold decoration in wrestling at the Ward Amusements, displayed in her life, overcoming social disgrace and serious male misogyny in her progressive Haryana town to accomplish the incomprehensible. This feature by JSW Steel reveals to us the degree of her constitution and center, which is genuinely made of steel.

For Each one of The individuals Who Imagine That A Ladys Spot Is In The Kitchen Here Is A Tight Slap On Their Appearances

A true story featuring a real inspiration, Geeta Phogat (the first Indian woman to win a gold medal in Wrestling at the Commonwealth Games). Geeta comes from a conservative and patriarchal village, Balali in Haryana where wrestling was always considered a man’s sport. The film is a depiction of her journey and how she overcame societal norms, busted several myths, fought resistance from her whole community and wrestled her way to success, all because she had the inner strength and the will of steel to achieve her dreams.