Filled with happiness, joy, sorrow, grief, clashes, fighting… You can enjoy all the feelings there… Everyone has their own point of view, totally different; still all are living in one thatch.

This is the house in which each and every corner is filled with so many memories either beautiful or ugly… And every moment is special and unique in itself…

Coming to upside of it, ohhh… Seems awesome!!!

World of imagination

World of imagination

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Sleeping under world of stars on DADA’s LAP or DADI’s LAP, darkness is surrounded you… Starring at sky and try to count the stars… And in background, someone is rhyming a story and in between of story you try to figure your character in the story… You feel out of the world that time.!!

“PS- Horror story= bhoot k sapne ana to compulsory h… Dadi ko titly hug krke sona pdega, wrna bahut dar lgta h.”

Not having friends… No worries

Not having friends No worries

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If you are not able to make any friend then why being so sad… Just open your eyes and you can see lots of best friend around yours, may be one of your cousin, may be dada ji also, or cool chachu too… Only you have to find them and create proper trust on them… That’s it.

Leave me!!!    I want to be alone…

Leave me I want to be alone…

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When anyone says this, indirectly he wants to say that he needs a shoulder exactly… And this indirect need is only uncover by your family that you need their support… Whenever you say them- leave me alone, in response they all covered you and can go to any extent to make you laugh… That’s a family yar!!!

Feeling alone in FESTIVALS… Absolutely not here!!!

Feeling alone in FESTIVALS Absolutely not here

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Either HOLI or DIWALI, whether RAKSHABANDHAN or BHAI DOOJ, each and every festival is full of lots of colors and crowd…

Hey, you are not having your real brother then why getting upset, you have your cousins, go and slap them and demand for a best gift for rakshabandhan…

Definitely you feel good when on diwali, LAXMI POOJAN is going on, everyone is singing LAXMI ARTI and in between one of member by mistake starts singing GANESH ARTI… At that time you can’t get rid from laughing…

Joint family gives birth to so many memories…



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MARRIAGE joint family

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No need to collect your padosi’s to help you out in shadi’s preparation… “Itni public h to shi ghar me, kraegi kam…” Too much fun frolic in that aura… Every room is full with tai, chachi guest… Every one is enjoying, dancing… And main thing is that you get as much as time to plan how to steal jiju’s jute…


BIRTHDAY joint family

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Phone is start ringing from 12am in night… Many birthday wishes in night, still if count they seems to be less in number when compare to your family wishes… Hugs and kisses, wishes started from morning… Everyone is busy in buying gifts…

“Sun beta, teri chachi kya deri h choti ko… Ohh… wo watch deri h… Matlab mje kuch or gift sochna pdega”

Gifts and gifts… But never match with each other… Pure blessing from bottom of heart you get in a family. For a once only your friend wishes you from hallway from his heart but a family never does…!!

“Because it is a joint family, to jab tk mumy chachi me ldai na ho to joint family wali feel ati ni h na…!!!”

Because it is a joint family to jab tk mumy chachi me ldai na ho to joint family wali feel ati ni h na

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Coming to cons of it- easily find in every other joint family!!!

Alag rasoi

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Sasu mata is very much upset because all the bahu’s are demanding for separate rasoi… What to do… This is become a major custom in India…

“Jb tk mje alag rasoi in milegi, m khana ni bnaugi…

Jb didi khana ni bnari h, to m sbka kyu bnau, m to apna hi bnaugi…”

Strictness of dadaji and tauji

Strictness of dadaji and tauji

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Can’t wear that, can’t go there… So many restriction and only line is floating in mind-“Its time to move in nuclear family, can’t tolerate this anymore”

Just like a coin, having two faces, same as that a joint family is… Full of many pros and cons…! You can’t get away from them… Either live it or waste it… Every situation is having different feeling in itself and is non-explanatory…

This stack is consisting of-

DADA and our too lovable cutie pie DADI.

DADA and our too lovable cutie pie DADI

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Strict TAUJI and Sweet TAIJI.

Strict TAUJI and Sweet TAIJI

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Too caring MUMMY and DADY.

Too caring MUMMY and DADY

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Permissive CHACHU and Chulbuli CHACHI.

Permissive CHACHU and Chulbuli CHACHI

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So many restrictions, problems are there in hinge kind of family, but still it is the best place to live and enjoy your life.

If you are thinking to separate from your beloved one’s, with whom you spend your childhood and earn so many saccharine moments… Just stop here only, think again… Memorize all moments in your mind again and think to give a second chance…

Because the love, affection, care one can get here, will never get anywhere…

No one in the world can substitute your family members…

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