Like every other Indian woman in her 20s, we have had our share of ‘Why are you not married yet?’ cliches and questions. We’ve laughed them off, made the conversation funnier by coming up with quirky responses and, at times, tried to educate people about our decision to marry late. But, here’s the thing, we always assumed it to be a very desi girl problem. Turns out, it’s not.

Watch this video of women in China talking about the pressure they face around marriage, and you’ll see what we mean.

This video hits way close to home, and is a brilliant way to understand the cultural similarities between Indian and Chinese families. The existence of a term called ‘leftover women’ is disturbing, as is the concept of a marriage market.


Everyone thinks of their unwed daughters as burdens, and everyone needs to stop. While it was easy for the women in the video to make their parents see their side of the story, in reality, it’s a continuous battle. The only consolation is that you’re not alone, so don’t give in to the pressure, and continue fighting for the life you want.