For any kind of player, wicket-keeping is considered to be a specialist job in the world of cricket and ultimately will require a sheer commitment level on behalf of people. Keeping behind the stumps will always require the best possible combination of stamina, fitness, reflexes, and several other kinds of related things, including the skill set and the focus. Following are some of the greatest wicket-keepers in the history of Indian cricket:

MS Dhoni: He is known as one of the best possible types of wicket-keepers of all time, and the name of Dhoni will be shining brighter than any other kind of player in the industry. He is one of the biggest possible icons of Indian cricket as well as international cricket and is also famous by the name wonder boy. This particular man has played approximately 535 matches and has been standing behind the stumps in 605 innings. He has also taken the title of the best Indian wicket-keeper in the career span of approximately 16 years without any kind of doubt in the whole process.

Nayan Mongia: This particular person was known as the best possible wicket-keeper in the 90s of the Indian cricket team and has also taken second place on the list of India’s best people in international cricket. Due to the lightning-fast speed and the smart wicket-keeping of this particular person, he has played a very important role for India on the international level during the years 1994-2001. The player has played approximately 184 matches and has kept wickets in 116 innings for India across multiple formats.

Syed Kirmani: This is one of the finest possible wicket-keepers which India could ever have, and the glovework associated with this particular player is top-notch as well as extremely efficient and reliable. This particular player has had a 12-year stint in international cricket for India and has made the appearance as a wicket-keeper in more than 137 matches. He has kept wickets in 199 innings in which he had 234 dismissals. The player is also holding the record of 187 catches and What is seven stumpings to his name and has also played a very important role in the historic World Cup 1983, which was won by India.

Kiran More: He was the premier wicket-keeper from the year 1984-1983 and was always upcoming for the challenges under the skin of the opponents. This particular incident of him playing is still fresh in the memory of the cricket lovers. He had the first opportunity on the tour of England in 1986, where he grabbed 16 catches and more and has also played 143 matches along with 183 innings in which he had 220 dismissals. He has had 173 catches along with 47 stumpings to his credit.

Rishabh Pant: This particular player was born and raised in the batting wicket keepers with Adam Gilchrist as their idol. This particular player is one of the best possible types of wicket-keeper which India could ever have, and the best part of this particular player is that he’s always focusing on the constant improvement in the industry without any kind of doubt. This is one of the premier wicket-keepers for India in the ODI format after MS Dhoni has retired. Just player has kept in 78 matches and 106 innings for team India and has already made it to the fifth place in the entire list. This player from the city of Delhi has undertaken the best possible performance at all times and is also very much monumental in terms of the basic technicalities of the field.

Wriddhiman Saha: This particular place is known as one of the crafts wicket-keepers in Indian cricket because of the best possible performance in the majority of the early years. The career of this particular there very well coincided with Dhoni, but he has not received much of opportunities in his life. The retirement of these only from test cricket very well opens the doors for this particular player, and he has always had a very decent career after it. This player has kept wickets for India in 48 matches and 84 innings, along with which he had won 22 dismissals. This particular player has very well grabbed 109 catches along with 13 stumpings in their international career.

Parthiv Patel: This is the youngest possible wicket-keeper in test cricket in India and made his debut in India in the year 2002. The work of hands associated with this particular player is clear-cut proof of the abilities possessed by him, which very well justify that he will be able to enjoy the earning of the reputation of the extended running without any kind of problem. Parthiv Patel has very well played 53 matches for India and kept wickets in 73 innings along with registration of 112 dismissals across multiple formats.

Dinesh Karthik: This was another very unlucky cricketer of the Indian cricket team at his time because his career very well clashed with that of Dhoni. The Tamil Nadu wicket-keeper has received only a few chances at the international level, which justifies that he has played only 54 matches for India as a keeper. Kartik has very well grabbed 107 dismissals and 70 innings in which he kept wickets in with 91 catches and 16 stumpings. This particular player became the capability of India’s semi-final loss in the 2019 World Cup.

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