Searching for the right dining chair for your space involves understanding how you plan to use the area. The style, color, and material all play a role in the look and feel of the room. If your dining room is a formal space where you entertain coworkers and business associates, then there are a few things first to consider.

Formal dining rooms are much fancier and upscale in nature. Everything from the furniture, lighting, accessories and decorative elements will define the space. The space tends to be conservative and dark in color with dim lighting. The furniture is not made to withstand everyday wear and tear, but it is delicate and should be handled with gentle care.

The pieces are meant to be admired by guests. The table is the room’s focal point and is usually larger than your standard dining table. It’s typically longer to accommodate a large number of guests. It may also have unique design elements such as scrollwork for the legs or a large ornamental pedestal base. Those with trestle foundations also find the base to be elaborately designed.

The chairs surrounding such a table must meet the demands placed on them by the rest of the room’s classy furnishings. Formal chairs are graceful and made with traditional woods like oak or mahogany. The seats are normally plush and padded, or most of the chair is upholstered.   

Finding an elegant dining chair online can be challenging. Especially when you begin to think about all of the intricate details, you may start to see dollar signs add up. However, there are some very affordable, high-quality name-brand choices on our site.

But, before you begin shopping, be sure to take measurements of the room and table. How many diners do you plan to have over? That will determine the narrowness or width of the seating. Narrow seats will allow more guests to sit at the table, but you don’t want to place them too close together. Keep in mind that your average guest needs about six inches of space to enjoy their meal comfortably.

While they are popular because they can easily seat two or three people, avoid benches. These are designed for more casual dining experiences. Also, don’t get too excited about mismatching chairs or colors. Formal dining room chairs should match or at least complement the table.

As stated earlier, darker colors are used for formal spaces, so keep that in mind as you look for fabric or wooden chairs. A uniform style is the desired look for a high-scale dining room.

Armchairs serve as a quick way to upgrade the aesthetic. Not only are they comfortable for guests who sit for a long period as they debate the current news topics, but they also make getting up from the chair simple. This is great for any guest suffering from mobility issues. Overall, make sure the chairs look and feel good in the space, and your dinner party will be the talk of the town.

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