Both legs are intersecting each other, bunch of fives Open…Close, Open…Close!!! Eyelashes want to kiss each other in every 5 seconds. This fanciful aura is because of affliction is at peak but not able to released it out, very acquainted condition through which every person undergo many times, may be denumerable times… This is natural prodigy… Do not feel too timid please…
This is the situation which can’t be expounded to everyone and have to endure it own…!!! Come and let make sprighted these comical feelings…

Nervosity at extreme:

Nervosity at extreme

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Feeling too much nervous, reason could be any but someone is nervous and is result leads to a huge grievance
in bladder.

Interview; two pressures at same time:

Interview two pressures at same time

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Either first or fifth… Interview always remain interview. Too much excitement mix with some nervousness and fear of rejection… Sitting in waiting area, holding your pressure as you want to release it out after interview and this wait is like you are still 1000km far from your destination and in between no washroom is there; in fact bushes are also not available!

First date; first impression is last one:

First date first impression is last one

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Properly dressed up, gift is one of a kind, looking adorable and waiting for your beloved one. He/she arrived, heartbeat is beating too fast and with adjacent to that one of your body part start beating too fast and result in pee. And worst part is that you can’t tell him/her… So enjoy the moment!!!
“Kuch leak hogya to”

Wedding; Too much excitement is perilous:

Wedding Too much excitement is perilous

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It’s your day and for sure it is your body. But still you own have to over sit on your body only little bit nervousness and too much felicity give birth to pee. No one wants to embarrass in front of so many relatives and of course your soul mate is also their, who is regularly thinking about yours first night. Control it guys…

Water color is blue; Don’t try to make it yellow:

Water color is blue Dont try to make it yellow

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Very ordinary to everyone in the world… I can wager on this. You are in bathroom, going to put first mug or first droplet of shower and at that same point of time, something encounter to you. Should I elaborate??? I think nope…! You all are quite mature.
But when comes to a water park, pool or pavitra Ganga ji… This referent happens to you every time, you try control, but situation become out of control every so often, and next…what happen??? You all know…!

Exam; insufferable 3hour:

Exam insufferable 3hour

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Finally time has come, only 5 min left, and paper in hands with answer sheet, now you have to fight for exactly three hours for your career. But these 3 hours cost you very costly when your bladder not allowed you to make concentration in exam. Legs are crossed and now thinking that using a diaper is much better option than thole from this battle…! Speedily accelerate your hand and go to washroom guys!!!

Lecture; need attendance in washroom:

Lecture need attendance in washroom

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Teacher is standing at top of your head, and executing lecture… Very important is delivering, you don’t want to miss it but with that you don’t want to miss the aura of your college washroom. Because this the right place, where you have to be on this time, not in class room. Silence all over, everyone is shaking their face to revert back teacher and you are only reacting like your full concentration is in class, but the reality is that you are mentally present in washroom and physically present in classroom…

Travelling; All the way eyes at bushes:

Travelling All the way eyes at bushes

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Oops… It is bus… And nothing is available in it. You were in hurry while leaving home as you were scared of bus departure timing and you don’t want to miss it in any condition. So ultimately you decide to compromise your time over micturate!!! And at last you find this decision was totally detrimental to your nervous system because not even shrubs are not there in whole way, washroom is very big entity…
“Road kharab ho to or problem hojati h”

India vs. Pakistan; Never turn a blind eye:

India vs. Pakistan Never turn a blind eye

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Superlative moment filled with enthusiasm for every Indian or Pakistani. Winning team’s face is overflowing with lots of bliss whereas losing team’s face is filled with lament. Everyone is super duper excited as only last 2 over remaining… Washroom is at 10 steps away but this is the insanity of onlooker that they freeze their legs on each other for coming 45 minutes but never put a single eye on washroom…!!!

First Propose; either do or cease:

First Propose either do or cease

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Waiting for his/her reply… And due to all this muddled, once heart is not set up properly not even for pee… As usual legs are hugging each other till retort…!!! And at last, if she/he discarded your proposal you only feel that-“Saala, itni der rokk rkha, phir bhi mana krdia!!!”

Objurgate at home; face enclosed in room:

Objurgate at home face enclosed in room

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Mumy papa scolds a lot… Kept yourself in room for whole day… Ok… But what happen if washroom is not in your room… Feeling brazen in going outside because you afraid about yours flamboyant that everyone make… Just control and control, because it’s not the matter of food, this is much weightier then that…

Board exam result; Frightened state:

Board exam result Frightened states
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Pressure of result of 10/12th exam leads to one more pressure to its farthest state… One force is fetching attention of upper body and another dreadful force is fetching whole attention of lower body including mind also(khi leak na hojae)… Either you pass or fail, you only feel relaxed after releasing second one affliction…
Or use DIAPERS!!!!!! May be works…