This is a first teaser of The ‘Other’ Love Story – a web series about two young indian girls and their romance set in the 1990’s of urban India. It is a story of first love – passionate, intense, innocent – in an era of no cell phones and internet


Romantic tales are implied for everybody. In the sleep time stories we heard as kids, it was totally alright for a princess to go gaga for a frog or a mammoth even, yet never with another princess.

At the point when these stories were interpreted on screen, the stories were some way or another still confined to the hetero domain. Yet, Roopa Rao’s most recent web arrangement about same-sex love, The Other Romantic tale, is going to change that.

The Other Love Story, which is opened for discharge one week from now, is energizing for different reasons. Initially, it tells the story of two ladies experiencing passionate feelings for during an era when homophobia was still widespread in India. Also, it is set in the 90s, a period before the Web and cell telephones assumed control over our lives, when regardless we needed to depend on adoration letters and landlines to trade sweet nothings. At last, Roopa could raise cash for the film through group financing, which demonstrates the longing that Indian gatherings of people have for strange accounts.

The prominence of YouTube has lead to a specific democratization of media, which has helped producers address issues that are customarily viewed as forbidden. Web-arrangement regularly step again from detailed sets and drama to address squeezing points that should be examined. The Other Romantic tale is not the primary Indian web arrangement that talks about gay person love in a genuine way. In April, another web-arrangement titled About Segment 377 was commended for its representation of the LGBT people group in standard media.

Roopa claims she was propelled to make this arrangement since she was disappointed with the way that in standard media lesbianism has gotten to be synonymous with porn.

The arrangement follows the romantic tale between two neighbors, Adhya and Aanchal, who live in Bengaluru. The exchanges are in English, Hindi and Kannada. Roopa told Deccan Account, “Today one can go online and discover so much data and gatherings that bolster them, however back in the ’90s there was nothing. This story takes after how two neighbors meet, feel something and gradually discover the fearlessness to take a shot at their emotions.”

Video Source:Roopa rao