A bizarre incident happened in Kolkata in the past week where a middle aged lady was caught really drunk. Sounds normal right? Well here is the catch. The female did not land in jail because she was intoxicated, but because she had forced herself on a police officer and passionately kissed him!

The incident happened on the night of July 26, near Chingrighata, EM Bypass. The woman was arrested along with another man and woman who were riding with her. When questioned, the lady stated that she was drunk-driving an lost control of her car which swerved into a railing.

When a cab driver in the vicinity tried to help them out, the woman allegedly assaulted him. When a home guard approached the woman and the car, she pulled the man into a hug and started kissing him. The police, as well as visitors, were left rather stunned by the sudden turn of events and finally managed to get the woman into the police jeep with the help of a lady officer.

According to reports, no one was injured or hurt but the cop was left with a traumatic experience which has scarred him. The woman on the other hand is behind bars and will never be able to forget this adventurous night.