“Chubby Cheeks, Rosy Lips…” – who hasn’t heard this nursery rhyme growing up? However, a closer look makes you wonder if this verse is the first seed of a singular beauty ideal in the minds of young girls. Through this video, we hope to fuel a conversation that challenges the beauty stereotypes society hands down to impressionable young girls.

Culture Machine’s lifestyle channel ‘Blush’, along with ‘Dove’, continues to ask provocative questions, break the rules of beauty, and challenge the notion of ‘ideal beauty’ with this video ‘Is That You?’

These are the lines of an extremely mainstream nursery rhyme, yet isn’t there something that right away hits you in your gut while understanding it?

What is magnificence?

In the event that you’ve experienced childhood in India, each answer can fit into a little non specific box: Tall, thin, long straight hair and sharp components. We live in a differing society, so why is our meaning of excellence so uniform?

It’s not simply media or mainstream culture that constrains us to think so; this idea (or confusion) of excellence has been instilled in us since the time we began recounting rhymes. As children we were given a manual for magnificence and we’ve been tailing it word for word, generally unknowingly.

Being slender has nothing on your fearlessness.

No measure of body disgracing, eating less carbs or gymming can coordinate up to the certainty you feel in your own particular skin. We come in various shapes and sizes, yet it doesn’t influence the energy with which we accomplish our objectives.

Rather than scaling our tallness with a measuring tape, perceive how tall we remain even with a test.

We don’t should be a sure tallness to make our fantasies materialize. From where we’re standing, be it 4ft or 6ft, we can fix our backs and go up against any test the world brings to the table.

We’re relied upon to be their sort of delightful as opposed to our sort of splendid.

We’re sound, wheatish, short, with wavy boisterous hair and we adore all of it. We cherish our level nose, we adore our beady eyes, we adore our squat legs. Since your sort of delightful can never coordinate up to our sort of splendid.

But Dove is breaking the stereotypes of beauty and giving us a chance to change that rhyme.

Dove’s new battle is kicking ass! It’s shooting down every one of those slender impression of magnificence. They’re changing the deceptive verses of ‘Pudgy cheeks’, yet not the only one, they need you to be a piece of it. Here’s you opportunity to change the meaning of magnificence and make your own particular rhyme. A rhyme that is you.

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