Vasundhra in this mocking scene hits where it harms the most and rightly along these lines, ridiculing the lip service and haughtiness of Indian culture. In this mocking video, she criticizes the very establishment of Indian culture and its most essential, vital and generally irrefutable social organization; “Marriage”!

Despite the fact that Conjugal Assault is the most widely recognized and despicable type of masochism pervasive in India; it is holed up behind the hazy drape of marriage. The most astounding established foundation, The Preeminent Court of India, holds Marital Rape out of the purview of Section 375 of Indian Penal Code.
To give the long story the ax, a lady once wedded can not decline sex with her spouse in this union of supposed equivalents; where she looses the directly over her body and poise by an assent, she can not set out withdraw from!