You might be believing that Disney-roused works of art have a come to a deadlock, on the other hand, New York City-based visual planner Erin Jang arrives to demonstrate you off-base. She makes dazzling nourishment workmanship including our cherished Disney creatures, and it’s far excessively adorable, making it impossible to be eaten!

Jang utilizes different fixings like sausage buns, cotton sweet, and vegetables. She records every one of them under every piece, so you can reproduce your most loved ones! Make certain to look at Jang’s online networking sites, she gets genuine innovative with nourishment!



– hot dog buns
– hamburger buns
– salami
– provolone cheese
– black olives
– black rye bread



– green pepper (head)
– jicama (eyes)
– bosc pear (eyes)
– zucchini (nose, neck, mouth)
– blueberries (nostrils)
– garlic (teeth)



– white maple cotton candy
– black licorice laces (eyebrows)
– black licorice wheels (eyelid and lashes)
– black raspberry gummies (eyes)
– marshmallow (eyes)
– gumdrop (nose)
– sour blue gummy belts (whiskers, mouth)
– rock candy (collar)
– sour watermelon gummy belts (collar bow)
– sour grapefruit slices (ear)
– foil wrapped chocolate and hard candy (hairbow)



– white rice (face)
– kombu
– nori / seaweed paper (eyebrows, eyes, mouth)
– daikon (tooth)
– carrot (nose)
– mochi (eyes)



– green tortilla
– shiso leaves
– kale
– romano bean (mouth)
– baby purple potatoes (eyes, nostrils)
– baby cippolini onions (eyes)
– crimini mushrooms (eyes)
– asparagus
– savoy cabbage
– broccoli rabe
– rosemary
– romanesco
– green beans



(note: yellow paper base for the fish)
– blue raspberry Airheads
– blue raspberry licorice twists
– blue sour gummy belts
– sour bottle gummies (tail)
– blue rock candy (fin)
– black licorice (eyebrows, mouth)
– marshmallow (eyes)
– lemon gummies (nose, cheeks, eyelids)
– hard candies (bubbles)

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