Following quite a while of build-up, Warner Bros. has finally released the primary trailer for the Detective Pikachu film. What’s more, it’s promising, if also marginally disconcerting. The motion picture pursues the fundamental thread of the game, with youthful Tim meeting a Pikachu only he can really comprehend as they set out on a journey to discover Tim’s father. To state that the live-action movie has an unexpected vibe in comparison to the 3DS/2DS title would be putting it mildly, however. The makers have gone for a “realistic” look for Pokémon, and you’re most likely going to find it either exceptionally wonderful or firmly strange.

The motion picture shows some guarantee though. Ryan Reynolds appears to be appropriate as Detective Pikachu, keeping that rough, negative (however family-friendly) tone from the game. Furthermore, it’s not trying too hard to be funny or charming. There’s no certification that the full film will be as exciting when it lands in 2019, however what’s here proposes it may be more charming than some video game adaptations – surely superior to the legendarily terrible Super Mario Bros movie.

It’s an altogether different interpretation of the world than fans of the training game are used to, yet the trailer proposes that the story’s as yet deserving of the silver screen.

In fact, there’s much more to Detective Pikachu’s trailer than the main electric mouse. The trailer is packed with Pokémon, from recognizable starters front and center to peculiarities in the background.

Watch the official trailer of Detective Pikachu here-

Let’s see how fans are reacting to the first ever realistic Pokemon movie.