Mumbai and Delhi might rival each other with regards to a great deal of things yet here’s one thing that they both have aced, together. Furthermore, it’s unquestionably not what you think it is. It has a remark with the potheads! Truly! You read that right.

Delhi and Mumbai are among the main ten cities that have the most astounding utilization of cannabis every year. As per an examination by Seedo, an Isreal-based firm that pitches electronic gadgets to develop weed at home, the rundown is here.


New Delhi is simply behind Karachi, Pakistan and New York, USA with an aggregate utilization of 38.26 metric huge amounts of weed utilization consistently. Mumbai, then again, holds the 6th position with 32.38 metric tons. The list also includes a few countries like London and Cairo where cannabis utilization is illicit!

The cultivation (or exchange) of hash and weed is incompletely limited under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Demonstration of India. In any case, the Indian government permits the authorized development for entirely modern purposes. The unlawful generation can lead you to imprison for up to 10 years if got.

Fun certainty: Delhi and Mumbai are among the least expensive spots to get weed which may cost you up to Rs 250 for around 10 grams of weed.

Authorizing cannabis utilization has been a point of exchange as of late. While some recommended it for restorative purposes, others just referred to advantages of smoking up. While we don’t know whether it may happen at any point in the near future or not, but rather we can beyond any doubt say that Delhiites and Mumbaikars adore the ‘highs’ throughout everyday life!