Everything comes with a price and so does fame. The extent to which the shutterbugs would go to get a click of celebrities, off-guard can destroy whatever is left of their private lives. Until now, celebrities have been living with it, taking it as a price they must pay for the stardom but not anymore, thanks to an incredible innovation by a young man.

Meet Saif Siddiui, the Delhi boy of G.D Goenka college who has come with a scarf that would make sure that nobody can take a picture of you without your permission.


A special fabric in the material reflects the flash of the camera to the camera itself, disabling the photographer from taking unsolicited snap.

This perfect blend of fashion and technology goes by the name ISHU and it’s already a hit among celebrities that include big names like Cameron Diaz, DJ Lazer, Paris Hilton.


And, guess what, the technology works not just for photographs but while recording as well!

Not just phones, but ISHU is all set to launch a range of products which includes phone cases as well.


Siddiqui, the brains behind this amazing technology is quite glad that celebrities abroad are making good use of his invention and hopes that it catches on in Bollywood as well.

Looks like the nano-spherical crystals is just what the celebrities were looking for!

News Source: ISHU