Your mother knows all your embarrassing and happy moments. She remembers them, even the ones you might have forgotten. Whether you know it yet or not, your mom will always be your best friend and your best critic! You can go and talk to her about anything in this world. Your choices might be miles apart from each other’s, but you two always get along. This new mother’s day video ‘Fashion Conversations With Mom’ byFilterCopy | Fashion Conversations With Mom perfectly describes the bond a mother-daughter share. It is so relatable – every response by the mother in this video about her daughter’s outfit will make you miss your mom… Wherever you might be! So girls, just go and hug her next time you see her because she is AWESOME. No matter how successful and independent you become, you can never learn to live without your mom. Watch this video with her and tell her you love her.

No matter how old you get, your mother will always love dressing you up. Your fashion choices seldom match, but you can’t deny that she knows what looks good on you. Here’s a hilarious take on every fashion conversation anyone has ever had with their mom!